Gift Voucher

2 029 Kč
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With a gift voucher, you give shoes made of genuine leather tailored according to your own ideas - moreover, they are made with a large proportion of handwork in Slavičín.

Golden hands of seamstresses and cobblers

Genuine leather processed by traditional production methods in the Czech Republic underlines the honesty of all products that receive their final form in our workshop. Each pair of shoes passes through the golden hands of experienced seamstresses and shoemakers.

Machines and human hands

We make shoes for you on old Svitov machines. They add the appropriate authenticity to the entire process of artisan shoemaking with a high proportion of manual work.

In production, we use two production methods. The flexible one is characterized by solid perimeter stitching, which ensures the strength of the connection and the adaptability of the upper material. The glued method means that the upper part of the shoe is firmly glued and pressed to the bottom of the shoe.

Genuine leather only

We make shoes exclusively from genuine leather, mainly from beef from local suppliers. The entire production takes place in our Slavičín workshop. Crafting takes time. So we take three weeks to make your shoes. But that doesn't mean we can't sometimes do it much sooner. Leather shoes change over time, acquire a patina, adapt to the feet, and scuffs tell their own story.